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What is SEO Expert?

SEO Expert is the culmination of 20 years worth of SEO research by SEO Expert’s CEO and Founder, Sean Switzer. We provide quality, white hat SEO services to our clients. From SEO analysis to full SEO implementation, we strive to provide only the best in SEO services. We work hard to figure out exactly what your SEO needs are by: starting with our initial needs analysis, move on to our proposal through contract signing, keep you informed with our proprietary roadmap/timeline, ensure white hat SEO compliance with an exact implementation, and find any improvements through a repeated process. This approach has worked very well for many of SEO Expert’s clients in the past.

Our mantra at SEO Expert is “Free Your SEO.” We believe in giving away our knowledge. That is why a significant portion of our SEO best practices, SEO tips, and SEO basics are listed right here on this website. It’s our belief that the second most important component of SEO is found in the implementation. Without the follow-through and day-to-day hum-drums of the implementation, everything is just theory. By following SEO best practices, we are able to ensure that your search engine results page rank will improve, your organic traffic will increase, and your revenue will have upside. Now that all of you are asking, “If implementation is the second most important of SEO, what is the first?” The answer to that question is simple: white hat. Our values system at SEO Expert is second to none. Our mission, to deliver top-notch white hat SEO best practices, is contingent upon us never wavering in our support for the search engines’ need for quality content from impeccably curated websites without a hint of any unscrupulous black hat activities.

SEO Expert is your source for quality SEO services.

Why Choose SEO Expert?

Anyone who has ever searched for something on the Internet intuitively knows that the higher a website shows up in the search results, the more likely it is to be clicked. It doesn’t take an extensive knowledge of search engine optimization to have that part figured out. Higher search visibility is directly correlated with increased brand awareness, increased traffic, and higher conversion. Simple as that.

What’s less simple is how to climb up past the fierce competition to a higher SERP ranking. In the digital age consumers are turning to search engines to seek out services and goods at an ever increasing rate. It follows that SEO should be one of the highest priorities of any company with an online presence. Yet most companies are still catching up to the search game and not investing enough resources in search engine optimization and content strategy. Worse, some companies have unwisely invested in shady black hat SEO marketing because exaggerated promises lure them into unethical terrain.

The one constant in the world of search is change. From the early days of search through the Google algorithm updates of the last decade, SEO Expert’s CEO and Founder Sean Switzer has created and implemented successful SEO campaigns for his clients while tracking the evolution of search. He brings 20 years of data-driven SEO research and a career’s worth of insights and experience to the table. SEO Expert is the culmination of this work, and is proud to deliver quality, white hat SEO services.

Working with SEO Expert

Search engine optimization is a complex beast to tame. Google cites over 200 algorithms that it uses in determining the page rank for a website, but they don’t release these algorithms. To understand how SEO works and use it to bolster the success of your website, you need to work with a company that is dedicated to the data and understands the evolution of search. With SEO Expert, you can expect realistic timelines for marketing campaign goals. Trust us, you should walk away from any company that tells you that you can be on the first page of results next week. That’s just not how search works. It’s a process, and it’s one that we commit to with our clients.

Our services range from SEO analysis to full SEO implementation. We do what we do because SEO is only growing more essential in competing online. If you have been struggling with search marketing, if all of your search engine optimization efforts are having a minimal impact on your SERP ranking, or if puzzling out the perfect keywords and trying to monitor your Google Analytics has led nowhere, it’s time to work with an SEO expert.

How Does SEO Expert Work?

  • Initial needs analysis: We start by assessing current problems with your site that are hampering your search engine ranking. This includes everything from site structure to on page elements, content to design.
  • Customized SEO Proposal: Next we will work hard to create a proposal that addresses your key SEO needs, uniquely customized and tailored to your business. Our goal at this stage is to find ways to make your site more search engine friendly and provide a detailed plan towards on page optimization.
  • SEO Implementation: The work outlined in the proposal will be implemented and we keep you informed with our proprietary roadmap throughout the process.
  • White Hat SEO: Throughout implementation we guarantee white hat SEO compliance. We pride ourselves on a level of excellence in meeting webmaster guidelines, which benefits our clients and maintains our ethical reputation.

An SEO expert should not only be familiar with the design and content, technical, and quality guidelines laid out by Google, but have prior experience implementing search engine optimization for a variety of clients with proven results. Our approach to SEO has led to a positive impact on search ranking and conversion rates for our past clients, and we proudly stand behind our results.

Can We Read the SEO Expert Mantra?

You might be surprised to find a wealth of information on SEO basics, best practices, and tips right here on our website. Shouldn’t we be guarding this information for paying clients? Wouldn’t it be prudent for us to hoard our expertise?

Well, our mantra here at SEO Expert is “Free your SEO”. We strongly believe that sharing our knowledge is essential to SEO implementation. A great SEO strategy is about follow-through. It is in part the humdrum daily implementation that we empower our clients to follow through on that ensures a long-term approach to search engine optimization.

Knowledge sharing is key to creating great content, and we practice what we preach. When companies commit to SEO best practices, search engine results page rank improves, organic traffic increases, and revenue see a significant boost. And as more websites begin to follow white hat SEO guidelines to create an awesome experience for a human audience over a crawling search bot, the Internet will continue to improve, which we are happy to promote. By freeing our SEO know-how, we establish a collaborative spirit with our clients, working together towards real results.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO Explained

One thing we can’t stress enough is that white hat SEO is the future of search. So what do these terms even mean?

Black hat SEO refers to SEO techniques that are not approved by the search engines and attempt to increase SERP rankings through deceptive means. These include keyword stuffing, unrelated keywords, shady link building schemes, doorway pages, and invisible text. These techniques focus on tricking search engines, rather than building user-friendly, content-driven websites for human users.

Black hat SEO is responsible for the spam that clutters the Internet. Short cuts get short term results. Anyone who suggests working around or flouting search engine guidelines is not an SEO expert you want to work with and risks your website being demoted or getting banned altogether.

White hat SEO refers to ethical tactics geared towards a human audience that comply with search engine policies. The philosophy behind white hat is to optimize websites for search while keeping a focus on relevancy for the user. Keyword analysis, keyword density, search engine friendly site structure, quality content creation, and ethical link building are all part of a white hat SEO strategy. It’s a long term investment that starts with values. While implementation is what will lead to your SERP ranking improving and organic traffic increasing, none of this can happen without white hat.

Google has publicly posted webmaster best practices and we are committed to following them. Search engine optimization involves both major changes to site structure and content strategy and the minor changes of testing and tweaking. It requires being able to know what the search engine needs to best find, crawl, and index your site as well as what your target audience needs to find and be interested and engaged with your site.

What Sets SEO Expert Apart?

In an increasingly competitive online space, working with an SEO specialist is becoming a necessity. While you can DIY some of your SEO, in order to see impactful growth, bringing in an expert to assess your website is invaluable. SEO Expert provides our clients with in-depth analysis of site structure and on page elements.

The honest truth is that there are a lot of terrible SEO companies out there. They sound slick and can’t wait to cash your check. You’ve likely already received those phone calls with promises to be on the first page of search results tomorrow, or cheesy emails that mention broken links. So how do you figure out who to work with?

Here are 5 things that set us apart from the search crowd, which we think you deserve in any SEO expert you choose to work with.

  1. Customer focus
    Two words: we care. You won’t be working with a faceless, anonymous company, you’ll be working with real people who are committed to improving your SERP rank, because at the end of the day, that’s what we hang our reputation on. SEO should never be a one size fits all approach. We are dedicated to customer service and understanding our clients unique needs and goals.
  2. Passion
    If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day of your life. Ok, maybe we don’t always feel that way Monday morning, but we’re seriously passionate about what we do and helping our clients cut through the noise to reach their target audience.
  3. Data nerds
    The thing is, deep, deep down…we’re just huge nerds. We are all about the thrill of the challenge and staying ahead of search algorithm updates. An afternoon spent parsing data from Google Analytics, re-working site structure, tracking improvements and figuring out the subtle tweaks a website needs to move on up? That’s like a garage jam session for us.
  4. Experience
    Search engine optimization over the past two decades has been a roller coaster ride, and we got on at the beginning. Experience counts in this business, especially with seemingly every fifth person on LinkedIn having “SEO” somewhere in their job title. How do you know if an SEO expert can increase your organic traffic and boost your conversion rates? If they’ve done it before. After years at this, we have a quantitative know-how and qualitative insight that you just won’t find elsewhere. The results matter, and we stand behind ours.
  5. Ethical from start to finish
    We pride ourselves on being ethical and meticulous. Everything that we do is white hat. We have never wavered in our commitment to top notch, white hat SEO and promoting websites with quality content. It’s this integrity that is essential to our client’s success. Black hat activities are unscrupulous and detrimental. There is no quick fix option for SEO. We’re not interested in short cuts. We’re interested in rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.

Who Is SEO Expert?

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