Three Quick Tips for Focused SEO Content

You have a story, and you want to share it with the world. But how do you get eyes on your content when there are thousands of websites and blogs competing for viewer attention? The answer: utilize everything in your SEO tool belt to incorporate best-practices in all of your written content. Here are a few key tips to remember when writing content for SEO.


1. Copy length really does matter

When creating content with SEO in mind, consider the length of your copy. Articles that are between 500 – 1000 words typically perform better than articles that are significantly longer or shorter than this. Search engines rank content on many different variables, and length is one key element that does matter. The appropriate word count will ensure that a search engine considers you an expert and that your audience will digest it easily.

Tip: Do you have more to say than 1000 words worth of content? Consider writing a blog series instead, with multiple parts.

2. Don’t overuse keywords

Keyword density is an important way for search engines to catalogue your content and surface it to readers. When writing content for SEO, take in to consideration how many times you mention the main point of your article within the text. If you have too many keywords, search engines may rank your content down, thinking it’s spam. If you have too few, search engines won’t know the content of your text and won’t consider you an authority. Try to keep your keyword density between 1-3%.

Tip: Think about what you would search for, and use that information to organically create keyword-rich content.

3. Quality content rises to the top

Notice a trend in these tips? Yep, you should be considered an expert and an authority on the content you are writing. Timely and relevant content will keep readers on your page longer, decrease your bounce rate and increase click-throughs. When creating SEO-focused content, consider your goals. Content that is well-informed and articulated well will keep readers coming back for more.

Tip: Read your copy out loud or to another person. Does it make grammatical sense, and is it fluent? Make adjustments to the text based on your findings.

When you strategically focus your content using SEO best-practices, you reduce your website bounce rate and organically grow your audience. Plus, a bigger audience usually means more sales and more business growth!