If there’s one major thing to focus on when it comes to SEO in 2018, it’s definitely the mobile world. With more than 50% of all internet traffic and Google searches coming from mobile, it’s easy to see that mobile SEO in 2018 is one of the crucial aspects of any business. But what can you do to improve your results and generate more leads? Here are five quick tips to help you how to optimize SEO for mobile this year!

The Line Between Apps and the Web is Already Blurry

The reason is simple; progressive web apps are becoming a thing right now. Simply put, these web apps can easily become smartphone apps. And that’s great because you get to have a similar experience on both mobile and the web. This is amazing for companies too, because a business gets to create a single app that users can access on whatever platform they want.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps, like we mentioned above, are web-based apps or interactive content that can be automatically retrofitted as a smartphone app. These web apps allow you to develop one, cohesive navigation or content experience while appealing to, and more importantly giving a full range of access, to every platform.

The Rise of Mobile-Friendly SERP Features

SERP features include knowledge panels, featured snippets and local packs, among others. These are increasingly important and they are stealing the attention and clicks of most users. This is one of the trends that will definitely be crucial for Mobile SEO in 2018.

How Do I Edit My Company’s SERP Features?

Through a free service called Google MyBusiness, provided by Google, you are able to edit photos, contact information, location information and even provide a quick messaging service. After you have claimed and verified your business you’re able to edit everything mentioned above, and more!

Faster Websites and Decreasing Page Load Speed on Mobile

Let’s face it, one of the best things to focus on when learning how to optimize SEO for mobile is website speed. Removing the clutter and making the website load faster is crucial, especially since many mobile users don’t have a strong internet connection, to begin with. It may sound a bit strange at first, but this type of system does work extremely well.

How Can I See How Fast My Website Loads?

Tools like Google Site Speed Test, Pingdom Site Speed Tools, and even Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test can all help you determine where your site might be getting hung up during loading. Our best tip for increasing site load speed on mobile is obviously implementing AMP Pages wherever possible, but more on that later!

Voice Search SEO in 2018

One of the crucial aspects of Mobile SEO in 2018 has to be voice search. Since voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa are becoming better by the day, it’s safe to say that optimizing your website this way does make a lot of sense. And yes, making personalized, higher quality content that also fulfills mobile search requirements is going to come in handy.

How Can I Start Optimizing for Voice Search?

Lucky for you, we’ve had a chance to start covering the Voice Search phenomenon previously and even dive into some great ways you can start optimizing your content for Voice Search. Check out our detailed article here!

Linkless Mentions are More Popular

It’s a nice thing to move towards, as links are becoming obsolete at this time. But brand mentions are always going to be more powerful, and in the end, linkless mentions are bound to replace link popularity. It already started, and it will most likely continue to grow exponentially in 2018.

Mobile SEO in 2018 is All About Usability

The best part about Mobile SEO in 2018 is that it’s designed to bring in front some interesting, new benefits and idea. The focus is obviously on user convenience and delivering all of that can be quite the challenge for a lot of customers. But it does go to show the high quality and value that customers can expect from Mobile SEO this year.

Of course, localization and implementing modern SEO features are still important, and things like responsive website design are a must for mobile SEO this year. But one thing is certain, with the right ideas and tools, every company can harness the power of Mobile SEO and boost its exposure online in 2018.

Need Help Planning your Mobile SEO Strategy for 2018?

We’ve got you covered! With decades of SEO experience across our team, we know what you can do to start ranking for the terms you want. Get in touch with our dedicated team to start asking how you can better prepare for Mobile SEO in 2018.