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BS Marketing Terms Created To Waste Your Time and Money

Marketers, especially marketers who don’t provide any tangible ROI (besides statistics that THEY make up themselves), who spend your precious marketing dollars love to justify spending your money to “reach” customers. The term reach means how many people a particular medium or advertisement can be in front of.

Billboards, Phone Books, Newspapers, Mailers, TV & Radio love this term. They are 100% correct that they will “reach” a particular audience, so technically they are true however diving into what this actually means in terms of conversions to sales reveals the truth behind reach.

Reach Doesn’t Equal Attention

TV commercials reach a large audience each week, especially during sporting events at local bars. However have you actually watched where people’s attention is at during the commercial breaks during these events? Usually, it is their phone and sometimes it’s in conversation with the person next to them, many times both at once. You know what reaches 93% of the people reading this article right now? A phone book. However, no one would say that this captures your attention OR that you have read the phone book in the past 5 years for any reason, let alone an ad within a phone book.

Television Advertising Agencies Do What’s Best For Themselves

Effective marketing is all about capturing people’s attention where their attention is spent. TV advertisers love to tell you about their evolving strategies for getting in front of a targeted demographic. They are simply “getting in front of” the audiences. For instance, Modern Family is a popular program, however, the majority of viewers record this on DVR and then watch later, skipping commercials. Something TV Advertisers fail to mention is the percentage of people not watching commercials, because that’s not a beneficial statistic, so reach allows them to skirt the issue while blinding you to reality. The Advertising agencies are fighting to keep their bottom lines healthy, and that is often at the expense of their client.

Radio- A Place To Literally Get Lost In The Noise

With the majority of people under 35 opting for on-demand services like Netflix, Hulu & Amazon, Advertising agencies are in their infancy of creating perceived value where there is little value in the digital age. Think about how a perfectly good commercial is sandwiched in between that annoying car dealer’s “Sunday, Sunday, Sunday” commercial; the audience has already switched the station.

This is one of the many reasons reach is a long-standing term used by Radio advertisers to justify advertising, something they originally leveraged to combat the “new” medium of television in the late 40’s & early 50’s. They knew that the attention was shifting to television and that TV ads were severely underpriced. The majority of agencies were set up for radio, so they didn’t want to hurt their bottom line by producing cost-effective advertising where everyone’s attention was at. If this all sounds familiar it should because it is taking place right now in the digital age.

Capitalize on Your Customers Attention

Being relevant where your customer’s eyeballs and attention are, is critical to your companies success. Many brands went extinct in the transition from radio to TV because they trusted their ad agency with their marketing spend.

Need Help Captivating Your Audience?

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