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Paralysis by Analysis

You ever have a conversation with a colleague or friend who is always consuming content? Reading the newest business guru books, consuming YouTube videos, reading articles on Forbes, and following all of the influencers of business but they never actually do anything with that knowledge? We all have that acquaintance, and I always used to feel like I was inferior because I wasn’t constantly consuming content and then it dawned on me: what good is consuming content if you never take action?

Put the Book Down and Take Action!

I watched a documentary on Jane Goodall, and everything changed for me. Jane Goodall could have learned everything about chimpanzees by reading about them; instead, she went out and lived with them to learn more about how the chimpanzees live. In fact, she dispelled a lot of myths about chimps that scholars held as fact. For example, before Goodall, humans were thought to be the only animal or primate to use tools, but she observed the chimpanzees using grass as straws for eating termites from their hills. She would have never been able to learn that had she not taken action!

Education Doesn’t Always Come From A Book

Jane earned her PhD before she earned her Bachelor of Arts because of her studies observing Chimpanzees. Her practical knowledge and desire to take action helped pave the way for a new kind of learning. We are in no way advocating for you to stop reading. On the contrary, once you read that eye-opening, motivational concept, get out and implement. Don’t wait to take action, go, do and learn as you go. If you have questions about strategies for your business, go observe some peers who do it well. If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, go observe your competitors store and pay attention to who their customer is and they interact with their goods, chances are they are also your ideal customer.

The Greatest Pianist of All Time Never Played A Single Note

What if Mozart had never tried the Piano because he had never “done it before.” Sounds insane now looking back, but if you never try, you never learn. If you have never set up an email marketing campaign, posted a LinkedIn video, written a post on Facebook, or started your own YouTube channel then you don’t know if it could change the trajectory of your business. Get out and take action, give it a shot and see what happens, you just might impress yourself!

Need Help Starting Your Journey?

At SEO Expert, we often hear from new clients that they did try doing this all on their own, and succeeded in some areas and neglected others because they didn’t enjoy or have the expertise needed to see results. That is one of the many ways we can help, either supplementing or being your Marketing Team. Get in touch with us anytime, we are glad to see how we can help you take action in the Digital World!