Google is always one step ahead. A few months ago they released a beta version of their new Google search console. Now it’s 2018, any business that already uses the Search Console will now be able to try it for free. So what’s changed? And how can you leverage the new Google Search Console to bolster your reporting and decision-making?

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google for webmasters and marketing professionals. It allows you to manage the backend presence of your web property and provide additional information like sitemaps to Google. In-turn for managing your profile, Google will send you error reports and notifications about changes in traffic to your domain.

It is the one tool (besides Google Analytics) that we set up for every single new client that we bring on. The value it adds to our reporting and to our piece of mind that what we’re doing is working, is unmatched by any other tool.

What’s New in the New Google Search Console?

The search console update offers better search performance reports. It’ll go back the last 16 months, and present the information in a colorful chart that’s simple to read. This will help businesses to analyze long-term trends much easier. You’ll also be able to make year-by-year comparisons.

Updated Information on Google Indexing

The new Google search console will also offer a more comprehensive view of Google’s indexing. This information displays affected pages and page details. It offers insight about indexing each URL on your site. It’ll also give you a list of potential issues, and why some pages don’t qualify for indexing. It’ll send you alerts about potential issues too, so you can fix them immediately. You can click on an error URL that will bring up page details. This also offers links to diagnostic tools so you can better understand the issue.

A Step Forward for Issue Resolution and Error Correcting

Fixing search issues can involve multiple teams within a company. This is why the search console update is so valuable. It’s important to have information about status problems right away. You’ll appreciate how there is a “Share button” right on this console, so you can immediately send the shareable link to the report to pertinent parties in your organization. Once a problem has been fixed, you can disable the sharing.

One of the problems with many organizations is a way to manage communications. If an issue has been fixed, you need a way for your team to check in and ensure tasks has been done, so that they haven’t been done twice, or the efforts of the first worker haven’t been erased.

Confirmation of Error Resolution Within the New Google Search Console

The new Google search console also allows you to confirm that issues have been fixed. This keeps your team on track. And when you click on “validate fix”, Google will do its crawl and process the affected URLs with a higher priority. This will help to get your site back on track much faster. It’ll also effectively help you to fix issues when you know exactly what they are. Generally, with the new Google Search Console, you’ll also get more positive feedback when you’re fixing any issues.

Better Manage Your AMP Pages Across Your Site

These new Google search enhancements also allow you to improve your job postings pages and your AMP—Accelerated Mobile Pages. You’ll get enhanced features for issues in these topics too. There will also be two extra features not in previous search console updates, including the feedback and validate fix buttons like in the indexing.

Need Help Using the New Google Search Console?

If you need assistance in using the new Google search console, our experts at the SEO Expert site can help you set up and manage your site’s new search console.