Recently, Net Neutrality has started quite the stir online, especially after the FCC agreed to remove this notion completely. What this means is that the Internet service providers aren’t required to provide the same access to everyone regardless of the source. As a result, ISPs and corporations can easily add specific packages or slow down the Internet on purpose, unless you pay for a specific package. Basically, you aren’t allowed to use the Internet the way you once did, and that can be quite the problem for a lot of people. As you can imagine, digital marketing and Net Neutrality are seamlessly connected, so there will be some issues down the line.

Why is There a Rollback of Net Neutrality?

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any problem with net neutrality. But the larger corporations like Verizon or Comcast want to have control over what content is consumed and the overall price. With Net Neutrality removed, they don’t have to answer for potential blocks that they put specifically to make more money. They will also offer preferred support and services to select clients that can pay for their adjacent, extra services.

How Does Net Neutrality Impact SEO?

There’s no denying that SEO and Net Neutrality are interconnected. In fact, Net Neutrality gives everyone the pathway to enter the Internet and create a business. Net Neutrality helps protect business owners, consumers and web marketers from paid prioritization. The removal of Net Neutrality eliminates all of that. Corporations are allowed to sell tiered services that give access to specific search engines or sites that buy the higher tier.
SEO will be affected here because companies will have to pay for a higher ranking instead of having an organic approach towards ranking. Their visibility will be reduced according to the amount they pay these corporations.

SEO and Net Neutrality Strategy

Another thing to note about SEO and Net Neutrality is that consumer won’t get access to all the content unless they pay for it, so SEO won’t be as helpful for the consumer anymore. Web marketers and SEOs can be out of work if the competition disappears and everything in the advertising world is paid for.

The need for competition is removed, instead, there can be only a few major players in the industry. Digital marketing and Net Neutrality won’t really have a lot to say about this, and small businesses will be very affected as their visibility will be close to non-existent.
Also, it’s important to note that the costs of having a website may skyrocket too. Since ISPs can be allowed to charge for visibility, you never know how high the total costs can end up being in the end.

SEO in the New Net Neutrality World

Yes, SEO and Net Neutrality are very well connected, and the removal of Net Neutrality does have a huge impact on online businesses. Since ISPs are allowed to ask extra money for services and paid visibility, corporations will get a larger market share, whereas small businesses will struggle even more to obtain the visibility they want. By removing Net Neutrality, the Internet becomes a paid marketplace where the highest bidder gets most of the market share and the smaller companies battle for peanuts. We have to do all in our power to maintain Net Neutrality; otherwise, this can have a huge, negative impact on our lives!

Is Your SEO Strategy Ready for the Repeal of Net Neutrality?

If you or your team are unsure on how to develop your SEO strategy after the repeal of Net Neutrality, we can help! Contact our team today to see if your strategy is in place for the new Internet landscape.