If there’s one thing that SEO experts can agree on, it’s that website speed on both computer and mobile devices is critical for traffic and conversions. The web user who is used to instant gratification is going to quickly click away if your site takes too long to load, or is hung up in some way. Even Google acknowledges that there is a need for page speed on all sites.

What is Page Speed?

Page speed is most commonly a major factor in mobile sites that run on mobile phones, tablets, and other small devices. Since more people have these devices on them throughout the day, rather than sitting down on their personal computer in the evening, chances are they’re only searching for information on their small devices. In other words, people do care about how fast a page loads on devices that are slower than your average computer.

The History of Page Speed Updates

In the past, page speed was an issue on desktop computer searches. Now that most PCs and Macs operate at decent speeds, the focus turns to small devices when slower speeds can be an issue. Users don’t care if they have a slower running tablet or smartphone, they want their information and they want it now.

What’s New With Page Speed Updates From Google?

Starting in 2018, it’s predicted that Google is going to place a strong focus on speed for mobile searches. We’re calling it the “speed update”.

This update is only going to affect the slowest pages, which will affect only a small percentage of queries. If you need site speed tips, read on.

What Does this Mean for Mobile-Optimized Sites?

First of all, if your website has been optimized for mobile in any way, you can breathe a sigh of relief. For now. Users won’t have to contend with unrealistic load times from data-clogging sites full of images or videos, as your site will also have streamlined to the basics.

And it’s possible that a slow page may still have a good ranking, as long as it has relative content. This should give you a breather as you consider how to speed up your site with AMP.

How Can You Minimize Page Speed?

Developers have a few months to use site loading speed tips to their advantage. Unfortunately, right now, there is no tool that you can visit that will test your site for its page performance against this new ranking factor. But you can test your site for a variety of other user experience metrics.

What Tools Can Help Minimize Page Loading Speed?

What you can do is try visiting some of these sites for site loading speed tips now. The Chrome User Experience Report will provide data on popular sites. Lighthouse is an automated tool that can audit the quality of sites. PageSpeed Insights can tell you how well a page performs in Chrome.

Need Help Getting Your Page Speed Under Control?

If you want to learn more about how your website can benefit from site speed tips please contact us at SEO Experts. The challenging world of SEO can change on a monthly basis and we’d love to provide our assistance to help keep you at the top of the Google page results.