If you’ve implemented recent changes to your website or your mobile site, it’s also good to stay familiar with the latest Google metrics. Google has implemented a new 16-month data cycle within Google Search Console, giving more access to the data we’ve already acquired. So what does this new, 16-month data cycle mean for your business?

What Changed With Data in Google Search Console?

Initially, the Google Search Console only kept data for the previous 90 days. You can imagine how frustrating this could be to gurus who needed to view data from last year’s holiday performance. Finally, webmasters are getting not just a full year of data, but 16 months.

What Does this Mean for Businesses?

For most businesses and e-commerce sites, this is great news, as more data means better decisions. Now you can better compare performance year-by-year. It’s been something that webmasters have been asking from Google for years.

In the past, the 90-day limit was hard to work with. Many sites had to store their own data off-site for access later. It’ll be good to see this new implementation that works better to help sites with Google rankings, SEO, and more.

When Did the Change With Google Search Console Take Place?

Google confirmed this news in their blog post from earlier this month. Now that the Google search console updates are coming, what can you do with them?

What Were Other Metrics Affected By This Change?

Traffic metrics can be more intricately analyzed for seasonal changes and over longer-term trends. Changes can also be tracked within Search Analytics going back those 16 months.

This new addition is certainly way better than most people were expecting, particularly if you’ve been a fan of Search Analytics already. Soon, the data will be available to search in the Search Console API. Right now, we’re not certain if the 16 months will be retroactive, or if it will build up starting January 2018.

Who Has Access to the change in Google Search Console?

Even though this new option will soon be available, it will still only be available to those who are using Search Console beta. We’re not certain when Google will be rolling out the Google search console updates to all sites who use the regular version of Google Console. Some sites may also not know which they have.

Google has been rolling it out to more users as 2018 progresses. There is also an option for uncertain users to retain their original Search Consoles for now.

Once the implementation of Google search console updates has been fully rolled out, likely early summer, webmasters will rejoice. There are also keyword and CTR specific data that can be utilized during this new update.

What Will This Mean for Digital Marketing?

More data for your site means that your digital marketing team can make better decisions. If something worked for last year, you can repeat the process or make it better. If something didn’t work last year, you can try to do better this year. But you can’t do anything without any data.

Need Help Getting Your Search Console in Order?

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