LinkedIn is only for recruiters. This myth will cost you dollars while your competitors capture your customer’s attention. While it is true that recruiters have harnessed the power of LinkedIn, Facebook, and any other social platform if you think it is just for recruiters LinkedIn is your companies missing link to digital success. Follow these LinkedIn tips and strategies, or don’t – if you hate building solid relationships.

LinkedIn Is Not Just For Recruiters

Need to dispel this right away as LinkedIn has an entire world of professionals on its platform, almost 500 million active users who are utilizing the platform for other reasons besides recruiting. With LinkedIn video coming out in 2017 people are just starting to harness the power of video and the analytics that native video brings. Before you can digest any LinkedIn advice we need to agree this is a fact that it is not just for recruiters, otherwise, there isn’t any amount of LinkedIn profile tips that will help you.

Having a Great Headshot That Differentiates

Sounds simple and easy enough, with Apple & Google’s capabilities with portraits there is no reason to have the anonymous blank space. So many articles emphasize having a professional headshot as their #1 tip on LinkedIn for a good reason- it helps you project the image of your company that you want. My advice for a good LinkedIn Profile? I would embrace your personality while reflecting your brand as well, if you look the same as your competitors how will your customers tell the difference? Embrace your company’s culture, and add a nice background picture behind your headshot, have some fun like I did!

Use Your Headline To Tell People What You Do

So many times we see “Business Development at ABC Company” that is who you work for and your role, tell your potential customers & connections what problem you solve or how you help them. This is the California Coastline of real estate on LinkedIn, use it wisely to draw your customer’s attention.

This is one of the top LinkedIn profile tips that people don’t realize they are able to utilize that space in a way that differentiates themselves from their competition. Who are you more likely to engage with- Jim Jones Procurement Processor III at ABC company or Jim Jones- I get you paid fast! If you opted for Procurement Processor III you need to get out more.

LinkedIn Gives You So Much Data FOR FREE

If you write a post or use a video, the data is priceless that you receive and it doesn’t cost you anything. There is a wide range of topics you can post about on LinkedIn, Tips, Advice, Suggestions, expert opinions, the list is endless for content ideas. Where this comes in useful to your overall engagement & marketing strategy is capturing this data – there are a couple ways through blogs & videos, let’s take a peek at each one because they have different advice for LinkedIn.

Capturing Attention Through LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn video is relatively new to the game in terms of its competitors Facebook & Instagram, and like those platforms, they highly favor native video. Expert LinkedIn tip: Always opt for posting your video directly to LinkedIn vs linking your YouTube video, LinkedIn will boost your post more if you do.

The engagement on LinkedIn video is far more than written articles, that is because the majority of people on LinkedIn are a captive audience at work who can’t get on other platforms due to their company’s archaic rules regarding the forbidden “social media” monster. Video gets more engagement and gives you valuable insight into who is engaging with your content.

LinkedIn tips you off and gives you analytics based on where the audience works, what their title is, and where they are located geographically. The greatest part about this being the cost is absolutely zero – and this helps you with your marketing efforts in all areas and campaigns.

Good Content Is Good Content

If your content is solid then giving your audience multiple avenues to consume is pivotal to engaging with all demographics. Some like video, as this platform is growing exponentially as technology evolves, however many aren’t able to watch video while at work. Having a well-written blog or post is another LinkedIn strategy that will pay off, not to mention it is also good for having robust content on your site. Think about the problem your company solves or something relevant in your industry that happened and writing your opinion on how that will affect your customers is one of the many ways to create fresh material for your audience.

Make Your Connection Personal

When sending a connection request a vital LinkedIn tip to consider is to personalize the note to something other than “I would like to add you to my LinkedIn network”. This is a strategy on LinkedIn that helps your potential connection know why you are engaging with them, like anything in life why not throw out a compliment? “I read your article on LinkedIn Tips & Tricks, well done as I learned a lot and would like to keep up with your content”. People appreciate the tailored approach, and this helps to ensure people accept your connection request and that you are not some Bot auto-connecting.

Engage, Engage, ENGAGE

So many people are frozen on LinkedIn, some of the best creators do not interact with their audience- critical mistakes. Those that engage both with their audience and the content that they appreciate seeing get the most out of this platform. If you don’t offer advice on LinkedIn to those asking for it, or comment on a post/video you enjoyed then that person may just stop posting. There is a world of amazing advice LinkedIn provides on a wide range of topics without the baggage other platforms produce. I know I have personally dropped connections who don’t engage back with their audience, especially those who ask for opinions. You can quickly pick up who is only there for themselves and not the community- don’t be that person be a leader.

Don’t Contradict Yourself Like TLC

Stay out of anonymous mode, don’t complain about someone hanging out the passenger side of their best friends ride, then in the next song you talk about how you “Creep”. Let people know you are looking at their profile, it creates interest, and if you want to connect with them connect!

On the flip side connect with people who are creeping on your profile, there is a reason they found you and found you interesting, maybe they can offer LinkedIn advice that helps your career or motives? If the 6th amendment gives you the right to confront your accuser then surely you can connect with your LinkedIn creepers!

Be Yourself

If your company doesn’t trust you to be who you are and express yourself then that means they hired a moron which is their fault or they don’t trust their employees which is also their fault. LinkedIn is about building your personal brand while helping to further your companies, those should always be congruent.

Are You Ready to Take Your LinkedIn Game to New Heights?

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