Link building is the process through which one acquires hyperlinks from other sites to their own website. Hyperlinks, often referred to as links, make it possible for users to navigate from one page to the other on the internet. In order for search engines to crawl the web, they need links. Search engines crawl links between individual pages on a site and they also crawl links found between entire sites.

There are many ways of building links some which are more difficult than others. Generally, however, building links is not an easy job. A good number of SEO’s spend a considerable amount of time trying to make sure that they are building links appropriately. If you can have mastery in high-quality link building, you can put your company and website way ahead of the competition.

The Importance Of Link Building For SEO

To better understand why link building is important, you need to first grasp the basics of how links are created, and how search engines identify and interpret these links. So let’s first take a look at a hyperlink’s anatomy.

  • Start of link tag: This is called an anchor tag and it is the one that informs the search engine that a link to something else will be coming next. The anchor link tag is the one that opens the link.
  • Next, we have the link referral location referred to as hyperlink referral and denoted as “href”. This indicates the websites URL that the links are pointing to. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a web page; it could be a file to be downloaded or an address to an image. You may sometimes see something different from a URL starting with the sign #. This shows that the link is local and it will take you to a different part of the page you’re currently on.
  • We also have anchor text of the link or visible link. This is the small part of the text, which users view on a page and where they must click so as to gain access to what they want on the link.
  • Link tag closure: this marks the end of a link to search engines.

Benefits Of Link Building

Now that we have understood what links or hyperlinks are and their structure, let’s look at some of the key benefits of link building as part of your Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

1. Give your domain and page authority

Before Google determines how to rank pages for a specific query, it considers among other things the quality and quantity of inbound links on that page. A way to measure this was developed by internet marketing company, Moz and it called this system page authority. Page authority is a subjective ration of the quantity and quality of inbound links found on a page. It works in a similar manner to a domain authority, which measures the same for your entire website. When your domain authority is high, this is an indication that you will also rank high in the search results. If the number of relevant links directed to your domain is high, this will significantly influence your domain’s authority. Therefore, investing in the quality of your links plays a key role in improving your page ranking on SERPs and directing more traffic to your site.

You also need to understand that Google is not the only search engine that generates traffic to your site. There are other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo who also direct traffic to your site. Referral traffic can also play a key role in increasing traffic to your site. This means that when someone clicks on links within your content they are directed to the site where the linked content came from.

Therefore when your links are high quality, you will not only improve your SEO, but you will also be able to direct targeted traffic to your site throughout. Just one link on a trending site can help push traffic to your site for years to come. The greatest thing about referral traffic is the fact that it’s highly targeted. You cannot compare the impact it has on the impact of paid searches, which cost so much more.

Some businesses already have high CPCs and therefore each referral click helps drive quality traffic without incurring the cost of each click.

2. Link building helps in developing the authority of your brand

When you get links appearing on popular sites, this not only improves your SEO but it helps build your brand’s authority in the industry. Good looks at the same links as an indication that your site is credible for offering useful information to users. In a similar fashion, consumers view these links as a good indicator that your brand is worth finding more about.
Ultimately, when you invest in quality links to popular sites, your SEO will be enhanced but you will also be able to attract more potential clients to your brand through association. With time, your company will be able to present itself as a source of credible information in your industry and this will also help improve your ranking in the search results.

Link building can help you gain so much authority in your industry and give you the power to publish strongly opinionated and researched content on other sites that are relevant to your target reader. If you are trusted as an authority, others consider themselves lucky to have your content linked to their sites and this will ultimately direct more traffic to yours.

3. Link building is an investment that will last a lifetime

Unlike most traditional marketing strategies or paid ads which have an expiration date, link building remains alive as long as the page it is found in remains active. While you have to rent visibility temporarily when using paid ads, links give you permanent positions that continue to refer traffic to your site for life.

Every business can gain from better brand authority and recognition, visibility, enhanced competitive edge, and/or more traffic. That is why you should invest in a link building strategy. The only thing that matter is the way in which you choose to approach it. Valuable, good and relevant content links stick in the mind of the user. Before you know it, your business will be thriving and you will have an easier time recurring, earning and compounding returns from the benefits.

The Internet is Always Changing

We can all agree that the world wide web is one of the largest sources of data and it will grow to become even greater than it is today. If you wish to obtain links that are quality from reputable companies and other resources, quality links can help attract more traffic to your site many years from now.

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