Google AdWords is one of the major ad platforms on the market. The new Google AdWords design is obviously very important, as it does bring in front some rather crucial changes and things that people may want to keep in mind. Yet the problem for most of us is that it can take a while to adapt to platform changes.

Google announced the AdWords changes more than a year ago, but these were made gradually, to the point where it was very hard to identify exactly what was going to be changed and what was needed as a change for some specific platforms, to begin with. After all, the platform is around 15-16 years old right now, and it continues to become a staple in the advertising industry. But the advertising world is changing a lot. Mobile phones are becoming increasingly important, and that’s one of the major reasons behind this particular change.

What About Google Design Impacts the New AdWords Design?

The thing to keep in mind about this new AdWords design is that it’s created according to Google’s own design language, called Material design. If anything, this offers a better way for AI to be integrated into the mix, and it does include all the tools and features that you may want from something like this. The focus is on flexibility, and at the same time, you do want to have a much better-looking basic design.

Are There Any Functionality Changes in the New AdWords Layout?

The new AdWords design is more suitable for newcomers and beginners. A lot of people found the old Google AdWords quite hard to use and maneuver, and in the end that can be a problem. With the new interface, the focus is on visuals and a better ease of use. But there are no functionality changes. The idea is to update how data is displayed and how companies can advertise their content.

Some of the things that changed are the overviews, which can now be found at the campaign, ad, and ad group level. Moreover, only the relevant navigation is surfaced in each view.

Changes to the Overview of the New AdWords Layout

The “Overview” page of the new AdWords layout has gotten an incredible facelift that no longer puts a focus on an overview of your campaigns running but instead on the overall health of your account. There are new, more in-depth graphs that give you a snapshot of how your account has been performing over your set time period.

Google AdWords: New Look, Greater Accessibility!

Day & Hour Heat Mapping Within the New AdWords

One of the greatest new features that have been brought to the forefront, is the “Day & Hour” (or heat mapping) graph. Gone are the days of running automated scripts through the shared library of AdWords. You can now see which days and hours your account is acquiring the most clicks, impressions or conversions.

Google AdWords: New Look, Greater Accessibility!

This new graph even allows you to take it one step further and apply actual changes to the ad scheduling section of your campaigns. Ad scheduling is one of the best ways to optimize your spending within AdWords.

Devices Breakdown for Your AdWords Account

Another snapshot that has been brought to the forefront is the “Devices” breakdown of your account’s spending. With such a focus on the mobile market, Google wants to give you all the information you need to serve each market.

Google AdWords: New Look, Greater Accessibility!

Changes to the Menus Within the New AdWords Layout

One of the best features of the new AdWords layout is the new menu system. Instead of having to navigate from the account level to the campaign level, to the ad group level and then back again; you are now able to switch between each level of the campaign (and it’s settings) from one, left-hand menu.

Google AdWords: New Look, Greater Accessibility!


Refocusing AdWords on Micro-Moments

The new AdWords design is also focused on micro-moments. Basically, the new interface is all about emotive mobile decision making. That’s why the focus is on a more visual display and approach. This kind of system is very convenient, and it does offer the type of benefits you would expect.

Does This Change the Google AdWords Platform?

As you can see, learning how to navigate the new AdWords is rather easy. But the key idea is that only the visuals change with this update. The functionality remains intact, and that’s crucial because Google AdWords has the best performance and value in the ad world. So, the idea of making the interface more productive and intuitive does make sense. And it’s a very good move when it comes to helping newcomers adapt a lot faster and easier. Yes, the new design is very helpful, but it’s not exactly changing the functionality of the platform in any major way.

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