There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to manage your business and worry about SEO marketing. It can be tempting when picking a digital marketing agency to choose the first on the list, but you should take more care if you’re trying to promote your business or website. Spend some time at the beginning to carefully choose a digital marketing agency, then sit back while they do all the work.

Don’t Go With the First Agency You Find in Search

First of all, don’t rely 100% on Google as your search filter. Often the agencies that will rank at the top are the ones that have the time to do extensive Google marketing. Not surprisingly, the excellent SEO agencies that are super busy likely don’t have the time nor the need to worry about Google rankings. To find them, network with your colleagues and ask for references. Search other means when finding an SEO agency—industry directories, or simply the online yellow pages.

“Top Agencies in…” Lists Don’t Mean They’re a Good Fit For You

Your next mistake could be in trusting “Top SEO Agencies” lists. Most likely people who rank here have paid a significant fee to be on the list. It’s rumored that having a drawer full of funds—$75,000 per year to be exact—doesn’t mean that they’re good. When you’re searching for a great agency, you want one that’s trustworthy and that has earned its position for being the best in the industry. Check with your peers in the industry. If someone else has a similar business as yours, don’t be afraid to ask them about selecting an SEO agency.

Avoid Agencies that Claim to Have a Secret Knowledge of the Industry

When selecting an SEO agency you may wish to avoid outrageous claims. They say they have “secrets” and “knowledge” that no one else does. Be wary of these claims. Do you want to simply pay for “tips” or do you actually want someone to do all that hard work and grow with you as a business? You want to hire a digital marketing agency that offers you free advice to help you get started, and works hard to get your business or site highly ranked on Google.

Picking the Right Agency is More About Asking the Right Questions

Now that you know not what to do, how should you begin in picking a digital marketing agency? First, sit down with your team and figure out what your SEO goals are. Good reasons are to boost revenue or direct more traffic your way. Perhaps you want traffic from a specific group.
Now that you have your goals, it time to begin selecting an SEO agency. Start with 3 to 5. Have your budget in mind and decide whether you need a local agency, or if online is fine. Besides checking with personal and professional networks, check with industry insiders.

When you’re selecting an SEO agency, ask them questions. Find out what types of processes they’ll use to accomplish your goals, and why they use them. Ask about their preferred forms of communication and their reporting processes.

Looking for Your Next Digital Marketing Partner?

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