In the world today, if you want your business to gain a competitive edge, you need to have a web presence. There are many things you need to have in mind if you want to get the most out of your web development. One of the key elements in any successful web development is the development team. These are the people on the ground responsible for web pages design, creating content, graphics, complex e-commerce platform creation, and many more.

You don’t have to be an IT guru to own the best website in today’s economy, all you need is to employ a team of highly skilled website development experts to help in web development issues.

Web Development Team: A Scarce Resource

Skilled employees are critically important to your business but they are scarce to find. You need to have the right people with you if your business is going to be successful. Find a team to hire that is best suited to your business needs. It is therefore important to design the right interview process to ensure that you hire a zealous team.

If you never knew, the world has really changed and customers are looking for what they need online. This is the best platform to showcase your products and services, explain important details about how your products will solve their everyday problems. This calls for creativity and skillfulness so as to become competent in the modern economy. Web presence helps to boost your brand awareness. This is what makes people know you. With proper brand awareness, you experience increased traffic that results in many converts hence enhancing the profitability of your business.  

Moreover, maintaining a vibrant and highly dedicated development team that guarantees results is not an easy task. There are many web-development issues you are likely to encounter. In this article, we are going to highlight 5 things you should stop doing to or with your development team. This is meant to provide you with great ideas and inspirations for helping your dev team.

Discover 5 Things Your Development Team Hates To Hear

Web development is a very demanding and exhausting job if you never knew. Only web developers can understand the hassles and the many sleepless nights they spend, all to ensure that the website meets your needs. What then should you stop doing so as to make their job painless and enjoyable amid its demands? Find these Web-development issues for your perusal.

Shorten Delivery Schedules

Web developers hate last minute requirements or shorten delivery schedules. You may not know what it takes to have your business web contents or designs published on the website. At times many people tend to think that it’s just an obvious task but this is not true. Do proper planning of your business undertakings and ensure that you give your development team ample time to work on every single task if desired results are to be achieved.

In web development, the team finishes the core work on a software project before people starting using it. It is at this point where complements and criticism begin. “You shouldn’t have done this”, “instead of this, let’s do this” and many more likely comments.

As a good employer, you should be aware that not every person will be pleased with the content on your website. This will help you avoid too many last-minute additions that might affect the entire flow of your web content.

Take your time to re-think about a project before you take it to web developers. This will kill the fear of web developers who always expect such web-development issues. This boosts their morale and hence enhance their productivity.

Incomplete Or Missing User Stories

Web development team hates working with incomplete tasks. This leads to many pending projects and it might end up bringing confusion. An active team needs to strictly work on their schedule and meet their daily, weekly, or monthly goals. By presenting incomplete or missing user stories or contents, you are affecting their schedule since they will be forced to revisit the task again in future so as to add on the remaining content. What if that day they are working on strict deadlines to deliver an urgent content? They hate this passionately.

Change Of Documentation Repeatedly

As a matter of fact, things keep changing and hence the need for frequent updates on website content. Documentation too needs changes and website development team is pretty aware of this. What is more annoying is when you tell them to change documentation repeatedly. Documentation is one of the most complex and demanding tasks in web development. Changing a documentation is by far different from regular content updates. Telling them to repeat documentation over and over again is like a real punishment.  

Fail To Communicate

Communication is the key foundation of every successful relationship. In business, proper communication is very vital. How will they know your specific needs if you fail to communicate? Web development teams need to work hand in hand with you so that they may know if their job meets your needs. It’s through communication that they will know your future plans for your website and they can strategically position themselves to deliver quality and a more expansive job.

Poor communication results in conflicts. It is a great idea your firm knows the right procedure to address issues and establish platforms for healthy communication. No one never makes a mistake. Web developers too are not excluded. It is through communication that you can help them know where they messed up on an issue and create a good room to rectify and the results are going to be amazing.

Uncertain Instructions

If you really want to get the best out of your web development team, clear instructions and guidelines are critical. We have heard complains whereby the team is mandated to undertake a certain task and then they are told that the feature is to do something else. Isn’t this disheartening?

Uncertain instructions lead to interruptions. Studies show that it takes 25 minutes for one to get back to focus after being interrupted. When interruptions appear to your team of developers, a lot of time is wasted for them to get back on track.

You are wasting about 30 minutes of their time not forgetting the time you spend talking to them. Employ best approaches to avoid coding interruptions.

It Costs You Nothing To Be A Good Boss

Simply because you are a boss doesn’t mean that you are an expert. Avoid any assumptions that may result in arbitrary constraints and affect technology choices. Inasmuch as you may want to become a tough boss and command respect from your employees, you need to operate in a way that you will make them more contented and motivated.

Developers hate too much supervision. They are ever busy, holding meetings to address issues with software development updates and they want to recover their lost time. If you want to follow them every hour to know how every minute of their time is spent, you are doing what developers hate most.

Trust your team and major on principles that aid in helping your dev team to become more productive, gratified, and motivated. Understand that the nature of their job is quite demanding and never be annoyed whenever they need a break. Their work is worth it.

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