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Website development is no easy task, and is often something that is best left up to the experts. If you’re trying to create a website that is the most efficient, user-friendly and SEO-optimized site possible, you’re going to want to use SEO web development. In essence, SEO web development will ensure that your website functions to generate traffic better than just a generically developed site. Often, web developers are great at understanding the logistics of creating a website, but are uneducated in the ways of SEO. If you’re wanting the best of both worlds, SEO Expert can you help you develop a website that will drive traffic and increase your search engine page rankings (SERP). The SEO web development process has quite a few important steps, starting with you.

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Transferring Access

Of course, you can’t have an SEO web developer help you create the best website possible if they don’t have access to your site or any of the tools you used to create it! Here’s a list of information you should provide your web developers:

  • Website creation
  • Host sites
  • FTP
  • API Keys
  • Other access
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Web Dev

Planning Your Site

Even if you’ve already created your site, we must still follow the web development process to remap and plan your website. If you’re coming to SEO Expert to plan your SEO web development, odds are you’re not happy with the current product that you (or someone else) has created. This step in the process allows the web developers to consider what you want your site to look like, what you want it to do, and how you want it to perform. These are all crucial considerations, especially in increasing traffic, SEO and SERPs. Consider:

  • The look of the site
  • How you want to be found
  • Organizing your sitemap
  • Preparing content
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Web Dev

Designing Your Site

After planning your site out, and maybe considering what needs to be changed/added/removed from your current site, the web developers will create a tester site. This is where you can see the general layout, how your content will appear, etc. This design process is great, because a good web developer will be able to make the site look exactly like you want, while also ensuring that it’s going to be the best SEO-friendly site possible. There are a few things to think about when designing your site:

  • User-friendliness
  • Appeal
  • Simplicity
  • Taste
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Web Dev

Technical Development

Once you’ve hammered out the small details, the “nitty gritty” work can really begin. This is also the part of SEO web development when keywords start coming into play. Without using proper SEO keywords throughout the technical details of a site, a sitemap is only going to find the surface keywords. By using an SEO web developer, you’re going to get the best of both worlds; technical development and SEO optimization. There are a few things that you need to work with your web developer on during this technical stage, however.

  • File organization
  • Coding
  • Functionality
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Web Dev

Launching and Troubleshooting

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived: you’ve created the best looking and most useful site possible with the help of your SEO web developer team, and now it’s time to go live. While this phase is really exciting and you often want to share it across all platforms to start generating traffic, this is also the phase that can cause the most problems. Here are a couple of things that you and your web developer need to be on the lookout for when you launch your site:

  • Glitches
  • Design changes
  • Image issues
  • Validating code
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Web Dev


This is the last phase in the SEO web development process. Along with constantly checking, testing and revising the functions of the website, your SEO team will also monitor how your SEO is performing as well. When you use someone is who just a web developer, this is the phase where they often send FTP access back to you, and you then take over control of your website with little to no support. With an SEO web development team, you’re going to continue to have support as your team assesses how your keywords are performing, how people are interacting with your content and how your website results in conversions for you. This phase can also take a while, and often send you back a few steps in the web development process for a few reasons:

  • Sitemaps
  • Image issues
  • Refreshing content

Now What?

Your site looks great, the SEO is working well, and things seem to be really trucking along. You and your SEO web development team don’t need to communicate as much, and you think the website is well established. What does SEO Expert do for you now? We will continue to analyze your SEO performance, and suggest ways to improve rankings and search hits. We will also work with you to troubleshoot your website, reinvigorate your content and make sure that it’s providing the most user-friendly experience on both the visual and technical ends.

Web development is often not a “one and done” process, but a continuous process that involves flexibility and changes. However, with the right approach to SEO web development, you’ll have a site that generates a lot of traffic and results in plenty of conversions. Get started with your SEO web development journey today!

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