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Email marketing is here, and it is definitely now! The days of cold calling and licking or pasting stamps on direct mail pieces is over. And the results are clearly indicative of the fact that people all over the globe are interested in shopping, learning, searching for information and just plain intent on doing their own “thing” in the privacy of their personal spaces – be it a cubicle, office or home – and on their own computers. This fact has driven business into a whole new spectrum of selling online and selling online means search engine optimization techniques and best practices that business owners must continually review, update and modernize.

In the end

Your emails will attract your ideal audience and encourage them to spend more time on your blog or website, where they can read your content and discover more about your product or service. If marketed well, your audience will subscribe to emails and newsletters, and they are exactly the type of leads you want in your marketing funnel. Remember, the real art is making your website visitors happy and keeping them that way. That’s where we can help.

Business, SEO and Email Marketing Partnerships

Social media is clearly a standout in SEO, however content and links are just as (if not more) important. A successful SEO campaign needs to include all of these and more. For many businesses, taking advantage of social media to enhance SEO may be the key to marketing success. This is where SEO Expert can step in.

Some recent statistics have shown that almost 8 in 10 marketers rank SEO as 31 percent excellent and 48 percent good in providing quality ROI. Among digital channels, more people rate SEO and email marketing higher than they rate paid search, affiliate marketing, social media and mobile marketing.

This clearly means that when it comes to delivering ROI, the two methods work well together to drive in visitors to your website and convert that traffic into sales for your company. But it does take a one-two punch. You will need to attract people to your site using SEO and then follow up with Email.

Is Your Business Ready for SEO Changes?

Email marketing is shifting. In an effort to make results ever more relevant for audiences, search engines factor in more than just optimized website content. How about considering these when thinking about email marketing: location; proximity to what you’re looking for; peer verification and what others have to say.

Google, for example, is consolidating its offerings into one big new “baby.” It features local results prominently on the search engine results page with reviews and advertisements associated with the listings. Google+ allows users to share results and give authority and credibility to what’s being discussed.

Major changes in SEO are afoot. Our job at SEO Expert is to keep you abreast of all the latest developments and to make sure that you and your company will stay on the cutting edge of all this fast paced new developing technology.

Changes to Consider

It is certainly true that if you want to get found in search engines and want to build your client base via emails, the fundamentals haven’t changed, but now they’re more a starting point. Some good strategies to driving traffic to your website with email marketing include identifying quality keywords, building a website that supports them and then continually producing valuable content. But here is the future scoop for email marketing and how it will impact SEO:

Local results: People searching the Internet do so using mobile technology now, more than ever. Even if they aren’t on mobile devices, location will be a criterion to search engine results.

Reviews matter and are a staple of the Internet, whether it’s a Yelp restaurant assessment, an Amazon product review or eBbay feedback. You must be able to respond to both positive and negative reviews in your email marketing campaigns. Solicit positive reviews from everywhere that you can.

Social matters. Debate rages in the SEO community about the effect of content on Google+ and others with their rankings in the SERPs. Some people argue that such performance affects the ranking of an article or website.

Think keywords. As was mentioned before, good SEO writes for human readers first and search engines second, and it’s easy to do. As long as you stay on the topic of your business, you’ll naturally pick all the keyword variations you need.

Think promoting. Promote your content to the right people by reaching out to others who are influential to see if they might share or link to your email content. You can do this with targeted email marketing campaigns and effective use of social media.

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