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PPC Mistakes You’re Probably Making in Your AdWords Campaigns

All PPC marketers have one thing in common which is that they’re all human. Like all humans, they make mistakes. Most common PPC campaign mistakes can be easily rectified with extra awareness, time, and effort. It is important to adjust

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Differences Between Content Optimization and SEO

Keyword optimization serves as a framework for SEO. Similarly, you could say that topic modeling (how words and phrases are interrelated) is a framework for content optimization. With the rise of how semantic search, the goal is to cover a

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How to Create High-Quality Content

Content is extremely important and it has a bad reputation for being full of keywords and not much else. That being said, it is a good idea to go beyond keywords when writing high-quality content. The keywords should attract new

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5 Things Your Development Team Hates To Hear

In the world today, if you want your business to gain a competitive edge, you need to have a web presence. There are many things you need to have in mind if you want to get the most out of

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What Are Manual Actions Against Your Website

Google does not tolerate sites that promote spam online. Any site that crosses that line gets the same treatment a criminal would for spamming. To punish a site for spamming, Google sends the site to a cyber-jail using a manual

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How to Be The Best Client To Your Ad Agency

Are you a business owner that wants to take your business to the next level? Every business owner wants to grow your business and make more profits. Is this true? If this is going to become a reality, you got

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What Are The Three Biggest Benefits Of Link Building In Your SEO Strategy?

Link building is the process through which one acquires hyperlinks from other sites to their own website. Hyperlinks, often referred to as links, make it possible for users to navigate from one page to the other on the internet. In

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The Benefits Of Implementing Schema On Your Website

Schema is a language that helps search engines comprehend certain bits of content on a website. Schema markup, on the other hand, is code input on your site that gives search engines details about what a particular page on your

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Linkedin Tips & Strategies: Not Just For Recruiters

LinkedIn is only for recruiters. This myth will cost you dollars while your competitors capture your customer’s attention. While it is true that recruiters have harnessed the power of LinkedIn, Facebook, and any other social platform if you think it

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How the Mobile Page Speed Update Impacts Your Website

It is now official that the speed of your mobile page will help determine your website’s rankings starting in July 2018. This gives you approximately four months to work on the speed of your mobile pages to avoid a slump

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