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How to Dominate the Local Search Market with Local SEO

SEO has changed dramatically over the past few years. Local SEO has taken prominence as research reveals that people are attracted to brands that speak own language and are located in their vicinity. Using the following Local SEO Ranking tips

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International SEO and You: 7 Tips to Maximize Your International SEO

The internet has enabled businesses to go international from garages or backyards. With a heavy reliance on internet search, there is a need for businesses banking on online presence to enhance their potential by understanding How to Rank for International

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The New Google Search Console

Google is always one step ahead. A few months ago they released a beta version of their new Google search console. Now it’s 2018, any business that already uses the Search Console will now be able to try it for

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The Need for Page Speed in 2018

If there’s one thing that SEO experts can agree on, it’s that website speed on both computer and mobile devices is critical for traffic and conversions. The web user who is used to instant gratification is going to quickly click

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The Case for Implementing AMP Pages Today

You may be familiar with mobile optimization of your site, but you should go beyond with AMP—Accelerated Mobile Pages. If your company hasn’t considered building AMP Pages for your domain yet, we’ll dive deep into the benefits of implementing AMP

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More Data Means Better Decisions With Google Search Console

If you’ve implemented recent changes to your website or your mobile site, it’s also good to stay familiar with the latest Google metrics. Google has implemented a new 16-month data cycle within Google Search Console, giving more access to the

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What Do the New Meta Information Lengths Mean for SEO?

Google will now allow businesses and sites to list longer snippets of meta information for SEO. Many businesses may be wondering if they can benefit from this, or can their ranking be harmed if they simply do nothing. We’d like

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Choosing the Best Digital Agency for You

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to manage your business and worry about SEO marketing. It can be tempting when picking a digital marketing agency to choose the first on the list, but you should take more care

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SEO for Voice Search in 2018 and Beyond

As technology evolves, people are using more and more ways to access the stuff they want. While searching traditionally with a desktop or mobile keyboard is still the primary way to search, the reality is that voice search SEO is

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One Minute Wednesday: Think Big Act Small

Are you subscribed to our YouTube Channel? One Minute Wednesday is a weekly, one-minute video covering everything Digital Marketing! Subscribe to our SEO Expert YouTube Channel here! The Good Old Days of Digital Marketing Every large company I have spoken

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